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Customized cupcake case

Customized Cupcake liners


       Fluted baking cups ideal for making full sized muffins, cupcakes or holiday treats. Ours sdandard baking cups can be used as dishes for decorative candy, goodies, chocolate or nuts, 
           And you can select from an abundant variety of good quality paper cupcake liners from a reliable factory, Our cupcake paper liners have a clear tooth shape and is easy to separate. The white paper cup is clean and beautiful. The paper cup pattern with printing design is clear and does not fade.

        It is printed with food-grade ink. Thousands of different types from dots, stripes, flower vines, grids, solid colors, rainbows, flowers, grunicorns, cartoons, eggs, balloons, rabbits, brand custom design patterns, birthdays, baptisms and various holiday theme designs, etc. Design and different design style patterns of different countries and regions.

        At the same time, we have a complete range of sizes to meet your ordering needs of different sizes.



40/45/60 GSM 3 grade grease proof paper
(we also called it food safe paper, its most wildly used in the world)

40/60 GSM grade 7 grease proof paper;

40 GSM silicone oil paper
(easy seperating, but a litter difficult protuction than other papers),

28/31/38/40 GSM copying paper
easy seperating paper, suit for automatic cupcake prodction line;

110 GSM PE coated paper
free stand, do not need to placing in thee baking pan or molds

60 GSM foil aluminum paper
with more than 10 colors for your reference, suit for alll kinds of holliday and party decoration 


Bulk packing 1000 pcs a shrink PE/OPP bag

Small packing such as blister cart, PET box;  PVC tube,  OPP bag with head card, and other cupcake cups and cupcake toppers packing case, all depends on your customized require.